A Gift from Debbie

Created by ncjensen on 03/09/2014
I wish gift giving, and I mean GOOD gift giving, was something you could teach. Maybe it is. Luckily for me, I was privileged enough to know the valedictorian of gift giving- Debbie Jensen. Whether it was for a first day of school, a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday or just because- a gift from Debbie was always...just...perfect. She had an amazing ability to find just the right thing- a fancy little pen, a new card game, the latest Hawkeye kitsch, or a gift card to a trendy new place downtown with a note that read "treat yourselves"- whatever treasure or treat she found for you- you really felt that it was selected just for you, and it made you feel really special. In return- she had an uncanny ability to show such appreciation for gifts that she received, that you (as the gift giver) always felt like you hit the jackpot with whatever treats you bestowed upon her. What an amazing talent to share with everyone she knew and loved. We will miss her so much, but I hope we have all learned how important the 'little treats' are in our lives.